Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Week Days With Management

Dear Diary,
Crawford and Karter left last weekend. It was a sad day in all our lives. However, Crawford will be moving back sooner then later. And on another sad note, Jay and Jamie will be leaving this weekend, and after a crazy, werid two months, i'm really going to miss those duders.
BUTTTTTTT, Estonia teammate, Kert Petersel, and Boston native Albie Bennet will be coming in November. So get stoked. Also, get stoked on the jam/demo thats happening this saturday in Pembroke Ma. Its to raise money for the Pembroke Skatepark. 11-3 in Pembroke Center, so i expect everyone whose available to go..... So check out the flyer, the management photos from last week, the edit, and the edit of the weirdest weekend we've ever had below.
party management

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