Friday, September 3, 2010


Why Hello!

Welcome back to another installment of "WEEKDAYS WITH MANAGEMENT". I couldn't update last week because I'm currently broke and couldn't afford to get my photos developt. Butttt, the reason why I was so broke was because, Burns, Crawford, Karter and myself just got a new apartment! Shits dialed, and for the next 2 months team rider Jamie Mauri and Jay Wilson will be living here with us. The best part of the new place is that has an old bar set up in the basement. So look out for my new night club opening soon called "MANAGEMENTS" (who wouldv'e guessed). Don't forget your dancing shoes.. SOOOO RAD.
Anyways, here are some photos that i took with a disposable and photos that daniel bleckley and bridget rose took with good cameras. Enjoyyyyy..... especially the one with local creeper, the burnt cat himself, Abe Dubin... laying naked on his bed. cooochie coochie.

-Party Management

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