Wednesday, September 15, 2010

bone deth hard goods

introducing and inducing a new batch of the unseen, unheard of, and unusual line of Bone Deth physical components and frames soon to be unleashed as a brand no others can imitate. A brand in which others follow to mimic the sickness, the slimey greed of teenage women, let out on a lust of degenerate styles. Appealing to teenagers with bad intentions.. A rock n roll Science Fiction Freak.. all produced by the master head, Sparkys Distribution.

Sparkys and Bone Deth have joined to collaborate on a line of hardware to appeal to teenage lust. A new line of simple yet sturdy BMX gear that withstands the riding of the deadman style. A rare experience awaits you. Seldom can it be said of a frame company, it stands alone, one of a kind, astonishes you beyond the point of endurance. Soon to be unleashed.. Bone Deth.. making bikes……..

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