Thursday, July 15, 2010

i could of died in your arms tonight,musta been somthing you shad

you mean ill feel better if i smoke phillp morris cigarettes?at christmas time its a blast with your very own hefro aerodrome game,but dont let dad get his hnds on it or hoho there wont be any fun for you little timmy!agents of fear now live your alarm clock so wash away those worries with new depromatic the only way to kill those nasty stains that keep big brother on your back!

fear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lets garrot that whore,lets sick spot on them!
man mister heltner your ways are some of the wackiest,,
what do you think man we are we are a rockin rollin mommas and we aint got time for no jive turkeys,messin with our gang productivities so beat it buste rbefor mumma matrese makes a coat outa yur skin!

ride rider bmxer i ride a bike yeah i can bunny hop your fence its just its not my colour if it was a green maple shade ok but yeah sorry i aint jumpin no white pickets ok well if you insist ill make it clear thatt this is not how to get things done sir!

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