Wednesday, June 2, 2010

WHEREare YOUa gonnA HIDE!?

Simbonian Rambone was out catching silver duck talk at bricks bay with susane luane who actually starred in her own motion picture the arango tango 2 and 3.....
dredful closet slippery sluck jemine its about the time to grip hard hold wicked hard and gringe your hardesst for the ride time of a life almost as if i was lying to you telling some sort of sorting off in a snort heart festivity roller rink and rack rinse before you spin the natural quality will land your sand right to the garden and open the concrete rips all over your skin all over the body your in and break and chip and click and smudge but drinkin milk and watching people drink milk was a strong eye value i made out of paper mashed stove pipe pippin on 44's worm. -taffy

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  1. Bone Deth is pretty much the most bad ass company! I was wondering if Bone Deth would be interested in sponsoring our annual BMX contest here in Illinois?