Monday, May 3, 2010

today was good

today i woke up and hung out with jenna for about 3 minutes
then rode bikes for the first time in a few weeks
but just the old race track just to get the hand strong
then went to an old power station on the water in perth
i'd like to have a bone deth style event there it has so many wild banks n shit
and i went looking for a snake for a pet so now i have a snake.
turns out it is the most poisonous snake in australia which i sweet
they kill a bunch of babies and dumb people every year.
it isnt a bug eating pussy it eats other snakes and lizards
kinda like whos tha next victim etc etc
thats my show and tell for this week

oh and i saw the bone deth movie on friday
it was super hot super cool
super duper
duper isnt a word

a full size bear can run as fast as a horse. true fact

jamie x

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