Sunday, April 11, 2010

Virgins and Virginity - Exploring the myths

Within Western Spirituality, there has been a transference of the unconscious memories of Pagan ritual into the structure and format of both the society and religion of the time .. including the 20th century. Each society, each culture, each religion has added its own bit of colour, "ploughed the field" in its own way, deepening the rut. With the evolution of consciousness, the focus of the mind and the deeper understanding of women as to their role coupled with the manipulation by spiritual priests and teachers led to the rise of resentment within the female who started to see her position threatened as male took away from her what she perceived as her reason for being. Thus female becomes more (unconsciously) resentful of male and more hypocritical in her following of external spirituality whilst maintaining the rightness of the priest or teacher, out of unconscious fear remembered, to ensure her status within the "pecking order". The desire of the species to reproduce sexually is the unconscious impetus to remembering and the birth of the innocent child is shrouded in the concept of original sin - the forgetting of a-sexual reproduction of virgin innocence. And so begins Man's eternal search for Truth .. a new incarnation, generation after generation trying to read the words of the Living Book ...the keys to which have become lost in the mists of memory.

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