Monday, April 5, 2010

George Washington 1st president

lLeading the links to the fabricator was softning my browzer ...made of stone bed deep in a silver sunday i drift from nannie but she hold me body......i sit among dentist patients in a dentist office because i have a dentist appointment but im outside right now in my bed ive been bad bad com bad battle bazzarr rocketer in a blue moon shoe racketing but its only sunday surely youve got something nice to say why dont you suppose the air is fresh lets swallow a coin of penny waffles brim off the oven kettle bring me the kettle darling its right next to me my dear why shoud i ask so little move my body moving hurts move my body style out wicked walkin floors....fony junk its all crap GET THE HELL OUTTA HEAH WHAT AHE YOU a'NUT KID HUH WHAT YOU THINK YOU FREESTYLE'n CROWN STOPPERS GONNA CONQUER MIAMIS NEIGHBORS IN THEIR BEDS chugs mixin bunny powder in with tylers shampoo.....Adalow Dominican

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